Handmade display rack

I think I might be getting a little carried away with this whole up-cycling malarke, but I'm going with it for now. I decided to make my own card holder for my display at Open Art Studio with some mounting board & pretty paper I had lying around. Here's how I assembled it if you're interested to try it yourself...


Mounting board (any of the wondrous range of colours at Easons will do)
cardboard (firm but bendy) 
Fancy paper (I used PaperMania card stock)
steel ruler
cutting knife
cutting mat
Pritt Stick
double sided tape
cello tape or masking tape

Simply begin by measuring the width and height of your cards and prints. I laid mine onto the mounting board to give me an idea how it would look and how much of a gap to leave between each "shelf" and what width to make the display itself, I put about a 2 inch gap between everything. 
It's optional to add a doodle, if you want to best to do that first before adding the shelves. I went first with a pencil then I went over that with a sharpie and rubbed out any unwanted pencil lines.

I made a shelf template using the bottom half of a cereal box. I opened up the cereal box so it was flat and drew around it onto a sheet of A4 and altered the drawing to cater for my display. 
When I was happy with my prototypes I drew around them onto firm but sturdy cardboard,  You want the kind that's easy to bend and fold without ripping and can hold it's shape, I used a large brown Kraft envelope.

I cut it out with my knife and used that as my template on the fancy paper so the two will sync up when I stick them together with the Pritt stick. I use double sided tape to secure the tabs and make sure everything stays in place.

To make it more sturdy, I used a sheet of mounting board with 2cm added for the back, I stuck this underneath the shelf. 

I measured the width and height of the shelf and marked out were I 'd like them positioned on the mounting board, you can have fun with this but I went with a simple centre. 

Mounting Formula
width of mounting board minus width of shelf = your answer, divide by 2 = what to measure at each side to make centered shelf.

After making my measurements I cut into the mounting board, making the slits wide enough to get the board through but not too wide that the shelves will be loose...


I  lined everything up making sure everything was even before sticking it together then bent the tabs in place on the back using the double-sided tape and added cello tape to make it secure.
I was super happy with how this turned out. I hung it next to my paintings and it ties my whole display together. The added hand drawn doodles make it all the more personal...