The End

This Blog is now an archive of past work, there'll be a new blog to coincide with my new creative ventures. I've been using this blog since 2009 so it just makes sense to start afresh. Thank you to those who took the time to read my posts maybe you might have a look at my new Blog, coming soon 😋

2015 11 25 Ziggy O' Hare, Time Traveller

Last year it was Goddess Pig this time round it's Ziggy O' Hare: Time Traveller for The Jack and Jill's Children's Foundation. Hares on the March will take place in Dublin in March 2016 with a Hare Trail. 

I wanted to go comic book, 70's/80's Sci-fi movie style with my Hare and came up with the idea of a Time Traveller. Hares are known for the speed and live in burrows. Ziggy is a cyborg bunny with Time Travelling capability built inside him. When he hits 88mph he races in worm-holes through time and space....

2015 07 16 Hyde Bridge Gallery Shop

Gallery Shop now open for business at the Hyde Bridge Gallery in Sligo, mainly selling Yeats inspired artwork, prints, greeting cards and such but there's room for other stuff too.
I have the pleasure to be selling my greeting cards with some very talented folk such as Dreaming on a Star, Stephanie Paxton, Gecko Glasscraft and Annie West.